Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Eggland's Best Brunch

This past Sunday I was able to host an Eggland's Best Brunch at my house. We had a packed house and an equally packed table featuring recipes from both Eggland's Best and Fabio Viviani's ebook, "Did I Really Make Breakfast?"

Why Eggland's Best eggs? Well, take a look at the stats for yourself. Eggland's Best eggs, compared to typical eggs have:

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And just in case you didn't know, it's safe and healthy to eat up to 6 eggs a week!

Not only are there more nutritional benefits to EB eggs, but they also use a special patented hen feed, a more strict quality assurance program than any other, and EB eggs are fresher than other eggs, being shipped to the store no later than 48 hours after laying.

The flavor is also better than ordinary eggs and it's actually quite noticeable even in recipes where the eggs are combined with several other ingredients. I chose to use 3 of my own recipes, 3 from Eggland's Best and 3 from Fabio Viviani. Every single recipe was a hit with every age range at the brunch. Of course, the kids loved the Deviled Eggs and Breakfast Pizza with Hash Browns and Sausage from Eggland's more than any others, but the adults hit up Fabio's Eggs Baked in Cheese Fondue until there was nothing left. I changed up the recipe in the tiniest way, I served the eggs and cheese sauce over steamed asparagus rather than toasted bread and nobody could get enough.

Of course, Fabio's Cheese Bomb Biscuits and my Vidalia Onion Pie were also devoured completely (the biscuits were the first thing gone!) and the remainder of recipes including EB's Mexican Fiesta Breakfast Bake, my own Angel Food Cake with blueberries and peaches in cream, Mini Quiches and JoAn Henry's Strawberry Muffins were as well liked as any. Overall, everyone went away fully FULL and happy and several guests left with EB shopping bags, aprons, egg plushies, egg turners and coupons for a FREE dozen of Eggland's Best eggs!

Check out this short video of the food and one of the happy little guys.

Full Disclosure: Eggland's Best provided me with VIP coupons for free product, a $100 gift card to use for supplies, a flip video camera, information, recipe cards and prize packs to give away to guests.